What is Vitaflex Technique?



What is VitaFlex Technique?

VitaFlex Technique is a unique "roll and release" type of movement. When performed on the body, it creates a deep sense of relaxation and release. Essential oils can be partnered with VitaFlex Technique, for added relaxation and emotional upliftment.


VitaFlex Technique is similar to reflexology, in that it works on a specific part of the body such as the feet and hands, as a way of accessing the entire body. In fact, the full VitaFlex Technique takes about an hour to perform, and covers the legs from the knees down to the ankles, and over the top and bottom of the feet and toes. This full technique offers an all-over body balance, and will often incorporate specially-selected essential oils, whose fragrance helps to deepen the entire experience.


VitaFlex Technique may be performed on the collarbone area (in order to stimulate the neck), the hands and forearms (in order to relax the scalp and head), directly on the scalp, inside the ears, or on the palms and elbow area. Each of these areas helps to unlock and access specific parts of the body, to help maintain balance in those regions of the body.


How does VitaFlex Technique differ from Raindrop Technique?

Raindrop Technique incorporates a small portion of VitaFlex Technique as one of its steps. In Raindrop Technique, after performing a Valor Balance, VitaFlex Technique is then performed along the spine of each foot, 3 times with 7 oils, in order to stimulate and energise the physical spine. The recipient is then rolled over and essential oils are dropped along the spine from a height, and massaged in. One of these massage steps is a form of VitaFlex Technique performed up the spine with Wintergreen oil. So VitaFlex Technique is a part of Raindrop Technique, yet Raindrop Technique uses a combination of many different techniques (including VitaFlex Technique and Massage) in order to relax the body and release tension.


A full VitaFlex Technique is quite different to this, and involves no massage at all. Instead, the VitaFlex "roll and release" movement is performed down both the inside and outside of each leg, the spine of the foot, along the tops and bottoms of the toes, the balls of the feet, and around the heel cup. Each set of movements is performed three times, with or without the addition of essential oils. Additional VitaFlex moves can be done on other parts of the body as required.


How does VitaFlex Technique differ from Reflexology?

The VitaFlex movement itself is completely different to reflexology, even though both systems work on the concept that the feet and hands map the rest of the body. The VitaFlex movement is a rhythmic rolling motion, similar to the motion achieved when turning a door handle. This movement uses moderate pressure, which sends an electrical charge along an energy pathway to the corresponding part of the body. The movement is not performed repeatedly on the one place. Instead, it travels along pathways in the body, stimulating points along that pathway (eg. following the pathway of the intestines as they are mapped underneath the feet or on the lower legs). If the body is experiencing an energy blockage, the corresponding part of the legs and feet may experience some discomfort as the VitaFlex Technique is performed there. The practitioner will adjust the pressure of the movement if needed, in consultation with the recipient.


The History of VitaFlex Technique

VitaFlex Technique was created by Stanley Burroughs in 1928/1929. Stanley was a renowned spiritual healer, and the creator of the Master Cleanse (originally known as the Lemonade Diet). After channeling the information on VitaFlex Technique, Stanley began researching the technique, and discovered that this system of working on the body originated in Ancient Tibet. In fact, its roots go back earlier than acupuncture. That's why we refer to it as Ancient Tibetan Reflexology.


The word "VitaFlex" stands for "Vitality through the Reflexes". Stanley Burroughs compares VitaFlex Technique to the ancient art of Acupuncture and Acupressure. He explains that if we cooperate with our body (by eating and living to the best of our ability by the simple "natural" laws), our own inner Divine Intelligence is able to make repairs and corrections within our body, eliminating unwanted patterns and imbalances, and replacing these with wholeness and internal balance.


In VitaFlex Technique, there are 5000 reflex points on the body. Each time the reflex points of the body are pressed with the VitaFlex movement, there is an electric spark of energy which transmits to a precise location on the body. When this spark reaches its destination, positive changes occur automatically, as the body's natural health is opimised and balance is strengthened and maintained.


In his book Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, Stanley says "It has been a tremendous pleasure of accomplishment to revive this ancient art.....It's beauty is that it works on the entire body and it's so simple - it does no damage, people can learn it themselves, and treat themselves".


What you will learn in your VitaFlex MasterClass

Spend a day with your instructor, learning advanced skills in Raindrop Technique and VitaFlex Technique, to complement your Raindrop Technique Practice. These techniques include:


  • Learn the Full VitaFlex Technique for the legs and feet. This is a technique in its own right, and takes about an hour to perform. It works from the knees to the feet, and over the entire top and bottom of each foot, using reflex points to energise and stimulate the entire organ system of the body. Discover how to incorporate Young Living's essential oils into the technique, for a heightened sense of relaxation and balance as a result of their beautiful aroma.
  • Learn how to perform the Auricular VitaFlex Technique. This technique is performed inside the ear to heighten the sense of hearing, so that sounds become crisp and clear.
  • Learn the amazing Scalp VitaFlex....a blissful way to complete a Raindrop Technique or a VitaFlex Technique session
  • Discover the Atlas VitaFlex Move...a simple VitaFlex movement performed in the collarbone region, which relaxes the neck, and sends energy vibrations to the Atlas (the top vertebra of the neck). You'll be amazed at how relaxing this single, quick movement is. If you don't have time for a full Raindrop Technique or VitaFlex Technique, perform this movement for greater flexibility.
  • Learn the Heart VitaFlex Technique, which works on the reflexology points of the heart, on the left palm, left foot and eyebrows.
  • Discover the location of the Thyroid and Parathyroid reflex points on the feet, and experience the simplicity of how to perform VitaFlex Technique on these points.
  • Master a simple Neck Stretch which can be incorporated into Raindrop Technique to further relax and benefit the shoulder and neck region.
  • Learn the fabulous Foot Lymphatic Pump, which offers a great alternative to the Finger Pull (final step) in Raindrop Technique, giving a wonderful stimulating vibration to the entire body.
  • You'll love learning how to perform VitaFlex Technique on 4 reflex points. This is very relaxing to the head, scalp and neck. These points are often stimulated in acupressure to assist with headaches.
  • Learn how to deepen your Valor Balance, to create an "Extended Valor Balance" with the inclusion of emotional oil belnds.
  • You will also learn some wonderful information about Stanley Burroughs, the originator of VitaFlex Technique, including the principles of the Master Cleanse (which he is also the originator of).



Course fees


These course fees apply if you are attending the VitaFlex MasterClass as a stand-alone class. If you are attending it as part of your Raindrop Technique Level 2 course, refer to that course for pricing.


EARLY BIRD COURSE FEE (applies if paid in full at least 3 weeks ahead of course dates)

  • $250


STANDARD COURSE FEE (applies if paid less than 3 weeks ahead of course dates)

  • $295





VitaFlex MasterClass: MONDAY

  • 8am to 5.30pm


How to book

Visit our Calendar of Events, to book for your course.



Student insurance cover

Although there has never to our knowledge been an insurance claim against VitaFlex Technique anywhere in the world, we do understand that for many professionals, having insurance cover makes good business sense. From commencement of your 3 day Raindrop Technique training with us, and continuing through your Clinic, Level 2 and VitaFlex MasterClass, you are automatically covered for practicing both Raindrop Technique and VitaFlex Technique in the course of your studies by our Student Insurance (as follows), providing you are an Australian resident:

  • $10 million in public liability insurance
  • $10 million in products liability and professional risks insurance


This cover applies to you during our Raindrop Technqiue and VitaFlex Technique courses (while you are working on fellow students), and for your first 30 logged sessions in each modality. After you have completed 30 logged sessions, if you have not yet passed all your requirements for achieving a Certificate of Competence, you can apply to AON or Arthur J. Gallagher for your own student insurance (which you will pay for directly).



What this student insurance does not cover:

  • If you are performing other modalities, or carrying out other duties of your work life, you will not be covered by this insurance - this cover is specific to your Raindrop Technique and VitaFlex Technique practice whilst you are undertaking training (and logged sessions) through Raindrop Australia
  • If you deviate from our teaching regarding safety protocols and modifications, or if you use essential oils other than Young Living brand for your Techniques, you may not be covered by this insurance policy.
  • You will be responsible for paying the excess on any claim
  • Feel free to ask us for a copy of this insurance policy



Practitioner insurance cover

VitaFlex Technique is a stand-alone modality, separate to Raindrop Technique. To obtain practitioner insurance in VitaFlex Technique, you need to:

  • Complete your course requirements so that you receive your Certificate of Competence in Raindrop Technique
  • Complete our 1 day VitaFlex MasterClass training (which is day 3 of your Level 2 Raindrop Technique course)
  • Perform 10 logged sessions on 10 recipients, where each logged session includes the full VitaFlex Technique and one of the additional 9 techniques you learned in your course. Each of the 9 additional techniques need to be covered in the 10 logged sessions. These logged sessions will be reviewed by your instructor. Once approved, you receive a Certificate of Competence in Raindrop Technique and VitaFlex Technique, and this enables you to obtain separate practitioner insurance cover for VitaFlex Technique as a stand-alone modality.



Testimonials about VitaFlex Technique, and the VitaFlex MasterClass


  • I really enjoyed learning all the new techniques, and I want to thank you for your kindness and patience in which you delivered your knowledge in teaching us these amazing skills. I have a client that sees me on a regular basis for Raindrop Technique. She is a Registered Psychologist and finds it very difficult to relax and carries a heavy load on her shoulders. She was very eager to try the full VitaFlex Technique, so we started with an Extended Valor Balance and I used some emotional oil blends on her - Peace and Calming around her navel, Release on her liver, and Present Time on her heart chakra. I completed hte full VitaFlex Technique and concluded the session with White Angelica on her shoulders. She also wanted to have the Foot Lymphatic Pump using Grapefruit essential oils, and then we finished off with a gentle Neck Stretch. These are her comments after the session: "That was Divine! I feel sooooo relaxed. I have not felt this relaxed before in 10 years! I have tried everything including yoga and meditation, and have searched for 10 years to find a way to unwind and relax but I just can't switch off. This is the first time I have been able to let go and all the tension has lifted." She has booked in for another session in 2 weeks' time. Thank you - this is another modality to add to the Raindrop Technique that I can see great results being achieved from using these extra skills. - Jade T. (NSW)


  • I can honestly say that when we first learned the full VitaFlex Technique, I wondered how it would be relaxing and beneficial to the receiver. Well, I am always one to have an open mind and I would never "poo hoo" anything till I tried it out. I did know that if you thought it was worthwhile teaching it and creating a stand-alone modality for it, then it must have a value that I was about to discover.....and so I did when doing the case studies. Each and every recipient fell asleep in the first 5 minutes, and some had some amazing results from such a simple yet profound technique. :) I am happy to say that I enjoy giving the full VitaFlex Technique as much as I do giving a Raindrop Technique. - Helen E. (NSW)
  • I am becoming more confident using these new modalities we learned in the VitaFlex MasterClass. Honestly, this is so amazing that I want the whole world (and beyond!) to know about it!!! I have to say too, even though life is quite stressful for me with one thing and another, strangely I am finding that on hte days when I give a full VitaFlex Technique to someone, I feel more relaxed myself. Today I gave full VitaFlex to a lady who was very doubtful about it....she said that when I was giving her the VitaFlex, she felt like there were little electric shocks going on all through her body and that it felt great! Thank you once again for all you have taught me. - Kirstie S. (NSW)
  • I have been using the techniques for a while now, with fabulous results, and they are so easy to add onto just about any modality. I probably use the full VitaFlex Technique the most. I intuit the oils I use. It is absolutely wonderful and every practitioner will be better able to serve with these tools along with the oils. All of these clients have come in for a Colonic with me, and these VitaFlex applications have only taken a few extra moments to incorporate into the session - such a blessing to see the relief on their faces :) - Felicity N. (QLD)



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