Raindrop Technique® Testimonials

Raindrop Technique testimonials attest to its safety and effectiveness for a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual applications, whilst offering a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation.


"I have had Chronic Fatigue now for almost 4 years after contracting glandular fever in my early 20’s. After trying many types of healing techniques both working on an emotional and a physical level, it was suggested that I try Raindrop Technique. Raindrop Technique was the most powerful modality I have ever experienced, and it worked so quickly. After the treatment I felt very happy and peaceful. In the days following I had lots of energy, my skin rash I have had on my hand for years cleared up, my digestion felt like it was working better and I just felt fantastic. On an emotional level some anger which I had been suppressing for a long time finally surfaced and I now know where that is coming from. Normally after any type of massage or healing I am so tired and washed out for days after, that I’m very reluctant to try new things. I will certainly be having regular Raindrop Techniques from now on and recommending it to my friends and clients."
Kylie Stace, massage therapist (NSW)
  Raindrop performed by Artemis


“In October I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. It has only occurred in the last 18 months…..On Friday I had a live blood test taken and it showed my body was not absorbing protein properly, which is a reason for cataracts. This morning I had another live blood test after the weekend Raindrop workshop. To my utter amazement, there were signs my liver is detoxifying, as witnessed by the signs on my back during the Raindrop Technique session [pin prick red dots on my spine, a sign of detox]. Also the sample of blood showing the protein build-up had holes in it, indicating there was less of a protein build-up. My red blood cells were moving more freely, which indicated there was more oxygen getting into the blood cells. The only difference in the three days [since my last live blood analysis] was I stopped eating eggs, and the Raindrop Technique using the nine oils."
Carolyn C. (ACT)
  Raindrop performed by one of our students in the MasterClass


“Having had some massages in the past, I viewed the Raindrop Technique with some scepticism, as previous massages (not Raindrops) had done little for me. I was also in great pain from having done too much physical work in the preceding week. After the Raindrop Technique, I was amazed at how beneficial it was and at how little pain remained.”
Noel Heading (NSW)
  Raindrop performed by Andrew Heading

“I had premenstrual pain which was relieved from the [Raindrop Technique] massage, and also the soreness in my shoulders and neck. [Second Raindrop] I had a car accident the day before. I could not turn my head to the left without pain. It has now gone and so has the soreness in my lower back. [Third Raindrop] I still had slight pain in my lower back which has now gone after the massage, and all the crunching has gone out of my neck.”
Brooke Atkin (VIC)
  Raindrop performed by Arvo Pakarinen (Mornington)

“A healing and nurturing experience that facilitates a release of stored energy, toxins and any "nasties" in my system. Feel great!”
Ginette (VIC)
  Raindrop performed by Arvo Pakarinen (Mornington)

“I felt totally relaxed while the oils were being applied, but noticed when certain oils were used ie. peppermint I felt shivery, and needed to be warmed. After a week I experienced more releasing of toxins via intestines, very foul smelling. My right shoulder released all the tension which felt very light and much easier in movement. It was easier to breathe because my nose was unblocked and I felt more relaxed because of it. I work up today feeling very tired, no appetite and no energy, and very heavy head. [A typical sign of detox].”
Nola (VIC)
  Raindrop performed by Arvo Pakarinen (Mornington)

“I feel good - no back pain now!.”
Marianne (VIC)
  Raindrop performed by Arvo Pakarinen (Mornington)

“Raindrop technique feels very good for the muscles and released tension all over but especially in the neck, back and head. This time [my second raindrop] I got more relaxation from my back and everything seemed to loosen even more. [Third raindrop] I felt even more relaxed than before, almost fell asleep..”
Kieren (VIC)
  Raindrop performed by Arvo Pakarinen (Mornington)

“Generally lighter in body and mood - energised and lifted - expansive feeling - some relief from sciatica temporarily, but I exercised wrongly next day which set us back unfortunately - should have let it settle more!!!”
Peter (VIC)
  Raindrop performed by Arvo Pakarinen (Mornington)

“My right side of my back feels fantastic - it has stretched and opened. Feels great! [Second raindrop] Improving on last time - very relaxed and energised. [Third raindrop] Right side upper back still flexed and freed up - feel more straight and relaxed and energized..”
Susanna (VIC)
  Raindrop performed by Arvo Pakarinen (Mornington)

“My feet and shoulders feel less tense. When working on my back with the warm towel I felt tingles up and down my spine, which always makes me feel good. I had been stressed before I came, losing my way several times, and then a great Raindrop Technique session that really relaxed me. My feet felt more flexible with a greater range of motion through my big toe. I feel great!”
Cathy (ACT)
  Raindrop performed by Carolyn Chalmers (Fadden, ACT)

“The reason I came for a Raindrop Technique was because I had a frozen shoulder. Having the oils and massage made my muscles really relaxed and just after two sessions I had 90% movement. I have recommended the Raindrop Technique to friends and will come back for follow-up sessions. It is better than having to take pain killers for my frozen shoulder. When you walk into the room with the smell of the oils it gets you in a relaxed mood and this is very important at the beginning of your session. With gentle hands and oils I can say it is very relaxing and soothing to the body.”
Stephen B. (WA)
  Raindrop performed by Amara Hogeveen (Mt Barker, WA)

“I have experienced the Raindrop Technique on two occasions now. The first occasion I was very stressed after work, with a headache brewing. After the Raindrop Technique I left feeling relaxed and my brewing headache had gone. On the second occasion I had neck and shoulder tension, which after the Raindrop Technique was much improved with the “hot spots” of pain gone. I enjoyed the second occasion more as I knew what to expect and what was involved. ”
Julie H. (WA)
  Raindrop performed by Amara Hogeveen (Mt Barker, WA)

“A most relaxing and warming experience. A great sense of solitude, and I grew one cm!!!
Luke B . (WA)
  Raindrop performed by Amara Hogeveen (Mt Barker, WA)

“I really loved the whole massage experience, especially because of the essential oils. I loved smelling the beautiful smells which calmed and relaxed me; and I also found the massage itself very relaxing and soothing. ”
Rachel (WA)
  Raindrop performed by Amara Hogeveen (Mt Barker, WA)


  "Very relaxing - instant relief in shoulder which is my main problem area.  Feel a lot more energised - lighter after the technique, which lasts for about 3 - 4 days."
Julie Binks (QLD)
  Raindrop Technique performed by Janette Gallager (Zillmere, QLD)


"I have had a Raindrop Technique on 3 occassions now and have become totally addicted to the feelings of calm and total bliss it creates for me.  As I don't really have any major aches or pain to relieve, the reason for Raindrop for me was of a spiritual nature.  The smell of the oils combined with the massage totally calms me and I feel the tension I often have in my neck after a stressful day at work is always released.  I love the feeling it gives me that my mind, my body and my soul have somehow become reunited again and are back in balance. after a Raindrop I have the best nights sleep and amazing dreams."
Jules (Brisbane)
  Raindrop Technique performed by Janette Gallager (Zillmere, QLD)


  "I had no real understanding of what the Raindrop Technique was and little experience of essential oils, so I had no expectations.  At the time I was having a great deal of difficulty sleeping.  I also had a sore shoulder. I slept through most of the session, so I don't know much of what happened.  After receiving the Raindrop Technique, I had 2 or 3 good night's sleep.  In fact, best sleep I'd had in months.  My shoulder was still sore, but not giving me as much trouble.  I really looked forward to subsequent sessions."
G. (QLD)
  Raindrop Technique performed by Janette Gallager (Zillmere, QLD)


  "At the time I had my Raindrop Technique I was suffering sciatica and feeling stressed due to heavy work commitments, having to sit at a desk for long periods.  After the Raindrop Technique I felt more relaxed.  My muscles were less tense, sciatica slightly improved but still present.  The experience was great and I highly recommend it.  Looking forward to my next one."
Caro (QLD)
  Raindrop Technique performed by Janette Gallager (Zillmere, QLD)


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