What is Raindrop Technique?

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Why attend a Raindrop Technique MasterClass?

Whether you want to perform this exquisite technique on your family and friends, or offer Raindrop Technique professionally (and gain insurance cover for it), or whether you want to simply learn more about how to use therapeutic-grade essential oils, this workshop is a must.


Artemis (who has developed our course material) was invited to Ecuador in May 07 to study Raindrop Technique in a small master-class with D. Gary Young N.D., the founder of Raindrop Technique. It was at this master-class that Gary introduced his updated Raindrop Technique. Virtually every step of Raindrop Technique has been refined since its conception in 1990; a new step has been added, and some of the previous steps have been removed. At the time, Gary requested that we align our teachings with his updated Raindrop Technique, so that this technique may be taught consistently across the globe. As a result of that training, Gary Young awarded Artemis with the prestigious Instructors certificate in Raindrop Technique (given only to a handful of people worldwide). Our 3 day MasterClass is fully updated with this material. Artemis has developed the course to ensure that what we teach is exactly what Gary instructed in his Ecuador training.


Our MasterClass is fun, interactive, and rich with information about Raindrop Technique. We have also conducted our own research into Raindrop Technique and its effects on the blood and the energy field (aura), and we present this as part of your MasterClass. Our teachers are highly trained therapists who have incorporated Raindrop Technique into their own practice, and who are passionate about Raindrop Technique and able to answer your many questions from their own experience. Best of all, we are dedicated to helping you perfect this beautiful technique. Our class size is limited to a maximum of 12 students, so that your teacher can spend quality time with you helping you get each step just right.


Our goal is to ensure that you walk away from this course feeling confident in performing Raindrop Technique, absolutely convinced about the uniqueness and extraordinary power of Raindrop Technique, and well versed in all the necessary theory and safety information. And we want you to have a great time! For all of these reasons, this is a training you will want to attend!


What you will learn in your Raindrop Technique MasterClass



  • Learn to assess the body prior to Raindrop Technique
  • Perform and receive vitaflex technique on the spine of the feet without essential oils
  • Perform and receive two full Raindrop Techniques (using Gary’s updated methodology)
  • In one of these you will focus on the specifics of each movement in Raindrop Technique
  • In the other you will focus on the deeper energetics (connection) of Raindrop Technique
  • Learn how to modify your Raindrop Technique in order to tailor it to your recipient



  • Learn the history, core principles, emotional benefits and safety protocols of Raindrop Technique
  • The Power of Essential oils – why they work “intelligently”
  • Exactly how Raindrop Technique works to relax the body
  • Physical and energetic results from Raindrop Technique – live blood analysis and aura photographs
  • Young Living Essential Oils – a brief overview of the product range
  • Abundance training – creating a successful Raindrop Technique Practice, and partnering it with the Young Living Essential Oils as a dual income stream



Course fees


EARLY BIRD COURSE FEE (applies if paid in full at least 2 weeks ahead of course dates)

  • $795


STANDARD COURSE FEE (applies if paid less than 2 weeks ahead of course dates)

  • $895






  • 8am to 6pm


  • 8am to 6pm


  • 8am to 6pm


What to bring

  1. Your own Raindrop Technique Kit of oils. If you’ve never ordered from Young Living before, please ask for assistance from the person who referred you to Young Living and our trainings, or contact us for direct assistance (we will always honour the person who referred you to us.
  2. A massage table (preferably adjustable height). If you don’t have a massage table, consider borrowing one or hiring one, or ask our course coordinator whether there are enough massage tables already.


How to book

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Student insurance cover

For many professionals, having insurance cover makes good business sense. From commencement of your 3 day MasterClass training with us, you are automatically covered for practicing Raindrop Technique in the course of your studies by our Student Insurance (as follows), providing you are Australian resident:

  • $10 million in public liability insurance
  • $10 million in products liability and professional risks insurance


This cover applies to you during our Raindrop Technique courses (while you are working on fellow students), and for your first 30 logged sessions. After you have completed 30 logged sessions, if you have not yet passed your Level 2 with us, you can apply to AON or Arthur J. Gallagher insurance brokers for your own student insurance (which you will pay for directly). And remember, once you have passed your level 2 training with us, you qualify for your own full practitioner insurance cover for Raindrop Technique. For details, click here.



What this student insurance does not cover:

  • If you are performing other modalities, or carrying out other duties of your work life, you will not be covered by this insurance - this cover is specific to your Raindrop Technique practice whilst you are undertaking training (and logged sessions) through Raindrop Australia
  • If you deviate from our teaching regarding safety protocols and modifications, or if you use essential oils other than Young Living brand for your Raindrop Techniques, you may not be covered by this insurance policy.
  • You will be responsible for paying the excess on any claim
  • Feel free to ask us for a copy of this insurance policy



Testimonials about the Raindrop Technique® MasterClass

  • Greg writes: “I had a great time in Canberra... an amazing course and I feel privileged to be amongst the first 15 people in Australia to attend this training. Artemis has put together a terrific course that includes the latest refined teaching from Gary Young, comprehensive notes, live blood analysis of the research benefits of the Raindrop Technique and Ningxia Red, together with information on how to create a successful Raindrop Technique Practice. Everyone came away feeling well practiced in the technique and thoroughly convinced about the power of the oils and excited about this unique opportunity. So make sure you don't miss out on the upcoming courses!” – Greg Degenhardt, Business Owner (NSW)
  • Irene writes: "I have attended hundreds of seminars over the years and am proud to say that this course absolutely ended up teaching what it set out to do in a very professional, yet caring and loving way.” – Irene Hess-Oates, Medical Herbalist (ACT)
  • Pamela writes: "The teaching was so organised and easy to learn by. Even if I knew the information I was not bored, but empowered to learn further."
  • Viv writes: “The Raindrop Technique MasterClass was amazing, and Riga, with the help of our assistant Anna, brought it together beautifully and very, very thoroughly. I had 2 exams this week, and have another 2 next week and was a little worried the intensive course over the weekend would sap all my energy and I would struggle to find focus again, but what happened was totally the opposite. I found giving and receiving a Raindrop Technique to be extremely energizing for me and gave me an amazing amount of peace, calm, grounding and focus, which has lingered with me, which is even better!”




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