Essential Oils Used


When you attend your Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex Technique or Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique (and AromaBliss) MasterClass training with us, you will sign a form agreeing to use only Young Living oils when performing these techniques. This is because of:

bullet The guarantee of quality offered by Young Living Oils
bullet The dedication that goes into their essential oil production
bullet Their stringent quality checks, and
bullet The fact that their oils are the correct chemotypes for performing Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique.

Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils are produced using low temperature, low pressure steam distillation, to retain the true fingerprint of the essential oil. All Young Living oils are Therapeutic Grade.

Young Living Oils goes a step further, with their research into the ideal growing and distillation procedures for their essential oils. For example, Cypress (Cupresses sempervirens) is an oil commonly used in Raindrop Technique. Young Living has discovered that Cypress must be distilled for 24 hours (because 18 of the key consitituents only come across in last 20 minutes). In comparison, most commercial Cypress oil is distilled for only 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Young Living Oils also has the correct chemotypes of oils for Raindrop Technique. For example, Raindrop Technique uses Basil (Ocimum basilicum Methyl Chavicol CT). Many other brands use synthetic Basil oil (which is potentially harmful to the body), or a different chemotype (mostly Basil Eugenol CT). This is sweet basil, and has a different effect. Methyl Chavicol is not commonly available in Australia.


Pure, Unadulterated Essential Oils

Young Living Oils also guarantees that all of their essential oils are unadulterated, and free of synthetic constituents. This is essential for Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, in order to avoid a skin reaction to the adulterants often present in commercial essential oils.

Most essential oil growers use synthetic pesticides and herbicides on their plants. Potentially harmful chemicals are also added during the cooking process to improve yield. Young Living Oils carefully source their essential oils from farms that meet their quality standards, and do not use these chemicals on their crops or during distillation. Young Living Oils also produce many of their own essential oils from seed (on their 8+ farms world-wide).

To ensure that no contamination has occurred (through an unscrupulous supplier adulterating an oil, or through the “drift effect” from crop spraying on neighbouring farms), Young Living Oils employs rigorous, state-of-the-art tests on all batches of essential oils. Oils that don’t meet their standards are rejected.


The "Basic" Raindrop Technique® Oils/Oil Blends

The oils traditionally used in Raindrop Technique are: Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Marjoram, Cypress, Wintergreen and Peppermint, as well as the Young Living Oils blends called Valor and Aroma Siez, and the Young Living massage oils of Orthoease (or Orthosport), and V6 (6 vegetable oils combined).


The "Basic" Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Oil Blends

The oils traditionally used in Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique are the Young Living Oils blends of : Valor, Harmony, 3 Wise Men, Present Time, Inner Child, Release, Dream Catcher, Forgiveness, Hope, Joy, SARA, White Angelica, Grounding and Transformation. The Young Living massage oil of V6 (6 vegetable oils combined) is kept on hand to dilute the essential oils if needed.


Using Additional Oils During Raindrop Technique® and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique

Some of these “basic” oils may be left out, or other oils included, depending on each recipient’s needs. Other essential oils for emotional application may be substituted in place of (or in addition to) these oils. Always follow the manufacturer’s “Guidelines for Safe Use” when applying essential oils (eg. Young Living Oils' brochure, “How to use essential oils”).


Australian Regulations - No Therapeutic Claims

Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Because of Australian government regulations, we are not permitted to make any therapeutic claims about these techniques, or about Young Living Oils' essential oils.



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